Whether it’s laying new pipe or repairing old, excavation is often necessary in plumbing. At Alvarado we do the excavation work ourselves instead of hiring another firm. That saves money and time for our customers, one of the many ways we look out for your best interests.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling, also known as HDD, is a method of pipe installation that causes minimal disruption to the ground in the surrounding area. A path is prescribed and the pipe, conduit or cable can be installed along that path in a shallow arc with a drilling apparatus that sits above ground. That is another service we offer that saves our customers time and money when trenching isn’t necessary.

Horizontal Drill

I have used Alvarado Plumbing for years: both on commercial and residential projects. They are incredibly efficient and extremely professional. I have often been amazed by their unique ability to quickly resolve any plumbing issues. Their work is consistently outstanding.

James W. Mertes
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