In Floor Heating

Admit it, you would love to wake up on a cold morning and step onto a warm floor. Or come out of the shower and find the tile beneath your feet as warm as a rug. At Alvarado Plumbing we offer in floor heating through a radiant floor heating system or under-the-floor heating pipes. Your comfort matters to us, so let us design the in floor heating system that is best for you.

in floor heating

Boiler Installation and Repair

There is quite a difference between a boiler and a furnace, both in the way they operate and in the way they are repaired and maintained. A furnace heats a home by blowing warmed air into each room of a house. A boiler does so by using gas or electricity to heat water as it travels through pipes and warms rooms as it passes through radiators. It is easier to choose which rooms to heat or not heat that way, so a savings on utilities costs is possible. Alvarado Plumbing is skilled at installing and repairing boilers. 


Over the past 12+ years, Alvarado Plumbing Service has provided all our plumbing needs, from new construction plumbing/in-floor heat to installing a water softener at rental property. They are professional, friendly, timely, easy to work with and most importantly, honest.   We trust their recommendations and know it will be done right.

Todd & Julie Mickley

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