You have probably heard of the term ‘reverse osmosis’ but you may not understand how it works as a water filtration system. Explaining how it works is more complex than how it actually works. For now, let us say it is a way to purify your tap water by pushing it through a membranes that removes impurities and leaves you with cleaning, better tasting water – often at much less cost than other filtration methods. Call us today and let us help you determine if it is right for you.

water filtration

Over the past 12+ years, Alvarado Plumbing Service has provided all our plumbing needs, from new construction plumbing/in-floor heat to installing a water softener at rental property. They are professional, friendly, timely, easy to work with and most importantly, honest.   We trust their recommendations and know it will be done right.

Todd & Julie Mickley

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